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Perks of Cable TV offers hours of entertainment to kick back and relax with hundreds if HD channels, movies and series. Plus, cable offers better value than satellite with fewer weather-related interruptions and less equipment making it more convenient to use. Bundle it up with high-speed internet and you can browser way faster than on DSL. Additional perks include;

More HD channel choices
Satellite is affected by snow and rain but not cable.
You can install cable virtually anywhere.

How Ohio Watches TV

Ohio and television are like Ying and Yang. Over 10.3 million people in Ohio go for Cable TV and 8.25 million people go for bundled subscriptions. Amazingly, half the population watch their favorite shows online using different streaming sites. Still, 97 percent of Ohions watch live broadcasts of their favorite shows but not all at the same time. DVRs are pretty common in the Buckeye state with over 800,00 users recording their favorite shows for later.

Cable Internet in the Buckeye State

Like Hope and Faith from the show by the same name, cable TV and internet are inseparable. 69 percent of homes in Ohio have High-speed internet which is 9 percent higher than the last 5 years. Over 45 percent of the locals have internet speed faster than 4 Mbps and 32 percent with 7-10 Mbps. This corresponds to about 3.7 million people so you can see how great this is.

TV Stars from Ohio

Ohio is home to some of the most popular celebrities. Some of these celebrities The Miz, who is the most must see A-lister in the WWE today and from Cleveland, Ohio. Moreover, he has played some interesting roles on television shows like Pair of Kings, Psych and Supernatural. He’s the Miz and he’s Awesome!

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