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Perks of Cable TV offers hours of entertainment to kick back and relax with hundreds if HD channels, movies and series. Plus, cable offers better value than satellite with fewer weather-related interruptions and less equipment making it more convenient to use. Bundle it up with high-speed internet and you can browser way faster than on DSL. Additional perks include;

More HD channel choices
Satellite is affected by snow and rain but not cable.
You can install cable virtually anywhere.

How kentucky Watches TV

At, we know quite a lot about TV and for those living in Kentucky, TV is a must have. So much so that there are over 3.9 million cable tv subscribers with 3.1 million of them bundling it with internet. Like other states, streaming services are now a big hit and Kentucky has nearly 2.1 million active streamers. DVR use is not that big with only 300,000 people who use it.

Cable Internet in The Bluegrass State

The Bluegrass state is no stranger to high-speed internet with 48 percent users having speeds between 5-10 Mbps. That’s about 2.2 million subscribers with high speed internet. Plus, there is always room for more.

TV Stars from kentucky

Kentucky is home to some of the most popular celebrities. Some of these celebrities include Annie Potts who is well known for her various roles on the small and big screen. Some of her roles are in popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Young Sheldon, Two and a Half Men, Scandal and even a voice role in Johnny Bravo.

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